"Can I use my SkillsFuture Credit for your classes?"

SkillsFuture credit cannot be utilised for our workshops. Of course, should this status change in the future, we would be happy to announce it.

"Are your workshops for adults? Or children?"

We specialise in creative workshops for adults! We also have seasonal options for children during the school holidays, such as Makers' Camp and Brush Lettering Course for Children.

"What are the Terms & Conditions for workshops?"

Click here for our Terms & Conditions. Before you are able to complete any purchase, you would be prompted to read through our Terms & Conditions and check off the acceptance of such.

"What is the difference between Modern Calligraphy and Brush Lettering? They're not the same thing?"

The short answer would be: duration, tools, and colour. To get into more details... Modern Calligraphy, a 3-hour workshop, is our modernised version of the English Roundhand, and is done with a metal nib and black ink. Brush Lettering, a 2-hour class, is a variation of Modern Calligraphy, and is taught with the waterbrush and watercolour (yes, many colours) in the workshop. 

"Which is easier, Modern Calligraphy or Brush Lettering? Which one should I start with first?"

Hmm... Perhaps we can attempt to make this recommendation, given a little context: if you love colours, cringe at the thought of sitting for 3 hours writing in *yawn* black, love working with brushes (eye-liners included), are signing up for a child (we accept children age 10 and up), have only 2 hours to spare OR you dislike following specific instructions about writing ... then Brush Lettering would be a better starter for you!

"Do the fees include take-home art materials? Do I need to bring anything to class? Do I need to pay extra for any other materials? Will you tell me where I can buy more materials after class?"

All studio workshops include take-home materials; the details are all spelt out on the respective sign-up pages. You are not required to purchase any extra materials, unless clearly specified e.g. dressmaking course will require you to purchase and bring your own fabric. In the workshop, our instructors will be able to advise on where you can purchase new materials.

"Would you offer any support in my post-workshop practice? I think it'd be hard to improve on my own."

We offer intermediate level workshops from time to time. If you are happy to meet in a less structured, casual setting to just make art with other Workroom students, sign up our members-only Art Club meets that happen thrice a month!

"I want to purchase a seat for someone, but I'm not sure of his/her availability. Can I buy first, then change the date of workshop later?"

If you are looking to gift someone a workshop, we recommend you to purchase a coupon code that can be redeemed within 6 months from date of purchase. Alternatively, you can contact us now to purchase a specific dollar value coupon code. Otherwise, if you have already purchased a specific workshop seat, you can for a fee make a request to change your date as per terms & conditions laid out here. 

"I just purchased a workshop happening next month, but am just told by my boss that I need to work that weekend. Does this mean I have to just forfeit my money? *cries* "

We have strict registration policies, but you can transfer your seat to a friend. You can also, for a fee, make a request to change your date as per terms & conditions laid out here. In the circumstance that you miss your workshop without any replacement participant, you can arrange with us a time you can pick up your workshop materials. Please note that no refund will be made.

"I want to sign up for a 3-part botanical painting course. Where should I indicate my choice of dates?"

Please key in your preferred dates at Check Out. You can also contact us with your dates after your sign-up is complete.

"I booked a workshop some time ago, but I forgot which location I'm supposed to be at. Help!"

The booking you made would have the venue @Kilat or @Canal indicated on the invoice emailed to you when your purchase was completed. You can also contact us now with your invoice # to confirm the location with us.

"Where are you located? I'm so bad with directions, is there a map I can refer to? Can you tell me what are the parking options nearby?"

Click here for our address x map links are included! Now as for parking... there are nearby options available at @Kilat (along the street, and next to Beauty World MRT), @Canal (Clarke Quay Central, and the small carpark at Hong Lim Park), and @Chinatown (along Keong Saik Road).

"I've just purchased an art material from your website. When should I expect to receive it?"

We usually process and mail out orders on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If your order is urgent, please contact us now with your invoice # to let us know!

"What happens if the material I just ordered is out of stock? Do I just wait for restock?"

We will cancel the order and refund the payment made.

"I bought something from your website. Is my package trackable? Do I get a photo as proof of postage?"

Because we do not take/send "photo proof" of the mail, if you'd like your package to be trackable, you must opt for Registered Mail or arrange with us to send it via courier. Please note that additional postage or courier fees incurred will be billed to you. All purchases mailed out via Normal Mail will not be trackable.

"I want to purchase a material from you, but I want to collect in person. Can I just swing by anytime?"

We are usually open Saturdays 10AM - 4PM but please be sure to contact us now to arrange a time so we know to expect you at the right location.

"What's this 'Work Points' about? How do I earn Points and convert those to savings?"

You accumulate Work Points and convert them to dollar-value coupons to offset your future purchases! There are various ways to earn more Work Points: setting up an account, booking classes and making purchases, referring a friend, celebrating your birthday ( you need to include your birthday in your account for this to work ) , following us on Facebook and Instagram. 

"What is this referral thing about? Can't I just refer myself to get the discounts? I have a number of email addresses ... I could just keep all the discounts to myself!"

Referral benefits are reaped when you refer us to your actual other-real-person friends ... So even though you might be your own Best Friend *insert hand-on-chin thinking emoticon* ... referring yourself is counted in our books as a fraudulent act. Don't do it! Your booking will be cancelled, and all your accounts will be removed from the programme as the result of the abuse. 


"I want to bring your workshop to my office for my crew! Do y'all travel and teach off-site?"

Yes! Contact us with your requirements. Other than teaching workshops, for organisers with just an hour to spare, we also run art stations where guests get a guided hands-on art experience. Get in touch and we'll customise a programme for you.

"I need a live calligraphy station at my corporate event. Do you provide such services?"

Yup, that's actually our forté. Contact us with your specifics and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. 

"Can you host children's birthday parties at your studio? What about bridal parties?"

Sure! You can choose to have us conduct a class of your choice at your secret venue, or at our studio for a small fee. Contact us with your requirements!

"Do you provide anything to munch on at your studio? Can I bring my own food and drinks?"

We are equipped with a small but mighty (tasty) pantry with light bites including biscuits, chips, chocolate and candy. We also have a Nespresso machine, some really nice teas, juice and hot chocolate. Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own food and drinks to enjoy during your workshop.


Have a question not addressed here? Please contact us!