FAQs - For Purchasing Customers

"I've just purchased an art material from your website. When should I expect to receive it?"

We usually process and mail out orders within 2 working days. Singapore Post advises that local mail will take about 3 working days. This excludes the day of posting, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Registered mail may take about 1-2 days more; it is trackable and the postman delivers it to your mailbox. Kindly note that if you need your parcel in a hurry, or if you want it to be delivered to your door, please opt for Courier; we usually oblige with a next day delivery arrangement. If you still have a question regarding shipping options, please contact us

"What happens if the material I just ordered is out of stock? Do I just wait for restock?"

We will cancel the order and refund the payment made.

"I bought something from your website. Is my package trackable? Do I get a photo as proof of postage?"

Because we do not take/send "photo proof" of the mail, if you'd like your package to be trackable, you must opt for Registered Mail or arrange with us to send it via courier. Please note that additional postage or courier fees incurred will be billed to you. All purchases mailed out via Normal Mail will not be trackable.

"I want to purchase a material from you, but I want to collect in person. Can I just swing by anytime?"

We are usually open Saturdays 10AM - 4PM but please be sure to contact us now to arrange a time so we know to expect you at the right location.

"What's this 'Work Points' about? How do I earn Points and convert those to savings?"

You accumulate Work Points and convert them to dollar-value coupons to offset your future purchases! There are various ways to earn more Work Points: setting up an account, booking classes and making purchases, referring a friend, celebrating your birthday ( you need to include your birthday in your account for this to work ) , following us on Facebook and Instagram. 

"What is this referral thing about? Can't I just refer myself to get the discounts? I have a number of email addresses ... I could just keep all the discounts to myself!"

Referral benefits are reaped when you refer us to your actual other-real-person friends ... So even though you might be your own Best Friend *insert hand-on-chin thinking emoticon* ... referring yourself is counted in our books as a fraudulent act. Don't do it! Your booking will be cancelled, and all your accounts will be removed from the programme as the result of the abuse. 

 "Do you provide anything to munch on at your studio? Can I bring my own food and drinks?"

We are equipped with a small but mighty (tasty) pantry with light bites including biscuits, chips, chocolate and candy. We also have a Nespresso machine, some really nice teas, juice and hot chocolate. Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own food and drinks to enjoy during your workshop.


Have a question not addressed here? Please contact us!