Stamp Carving Tools

You’ve started stamp carving and you’re addicted, now what? You need lots of practice of course, but what about your tools?

They say ‘It’s not the tools, it’s the artist that matters’ but once you’ve developed your technique, the right tools will help you improve your craft and save time.

The most important knife in your toolkit would be your design knife

A penknife is one of the most commonly used knives, but I find the NT cutter Art knife to be a really good all rounder, it’s also great for anyone at any skill level to use. If you need something a bit more advanced, the X-acto precision knife is great for details but harder to wield. 

The pen/utility knife is important but it’s not the knife holder that you should pay attention to but the blade. Always use a 30° precision refill, when it comes to shaping or finishing off your stamp, it will make a difference as compared to if you were using a regular refill. 

The U shape is another important knife but can be substituted with a V shaped carving knife or even a regular pen/utility knife. The key is to experiment until you find what suits you. 

Any of the above tools are essential for stamp carving but they lose their effectiveness if you don’t maintain them. Change the blades when they lose their tips or have been in use for a while and you’ll always enjoy consistency!


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