Do you ever get the feeling of frustration after wriggling out one or two editions of Frankie from your tightly packed collection and suddenly the whole row just slumps to one side? Sadly, this happens to me regularly, and that’s when I realised I should probably get some book organisers ! Sure you can get book organisers from your nearest popular bookstore, but what’s the fun in keeping artsy magazines in boring black ( or white ) book organisers? Make your bookshelf uniquely yours by customising your book organisers and jazz up your bookshelf !

Some materials you'll need : 

  1. A BIG cereal box
  2. An A2 sized piece of paper or A2 sized wrapping paper of choice
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. A roll of double sided tape
  5. A pencil / white marker
  6. A penknife
  7. Some decorative tools ( If you plan on decorating your own paper! Here I have Dr Ph Martins Bleed proof white, which works like a gem on black paper ! )


Prepping your cereal box       


First, you want to measure out a 20cm tall and a 12cm wide triangle on the face of the cereal box as seen in the photos above. Repeat the same on the other face of the box, and cut along the line with your penknife or scissors. You should now get a book organiser shaped box !


Tracing the shape of your organiser


Tape up the sides of the box with double sided tape, and lay your box flat against your paper and trace out the shape of each panel of the box, leaving about a 15cm gap from the base of your box to the base of the paper, and a 5cm wide flap from the end of the last panel. This forms your “ box pattern piece “ After that, trace a ruler’s width border around your pattern piece.


You should end up with something like this ! Next, cut out your pattern piece, following the line that your just drew.


Get decorating !


I flipped my paper around, and added some floral designs to my paper to fit my bookshelf aesthetic!


Wrapping your Box    


If you’re using patterned wrapping paper you can just skip straight to this step ! Now we’re going to wrap the wrapping paper around our box. Peel off all the double sided tape, align your box with the lines that you drew, and slowly “ roll” your box along the paper. Remember to press each individual faces to the paper so that the paper sticks well ! When you've reached the end of the rolling, fold the little extra 5cm flap in half, add on some tape and secure that down.

You'll realise that you have excess paper at the bottom of the box, so just wrap that up like how you'd wrap up the sides of a boxy present!

Tucking in the ends of the box 


Now all that’s left is tucking in the width allowance into the box! To do that, cut slits along the corners of the paper, and add some tape to the edges as seen in the photo, and fold in the excess.

 AND you're done !


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