Getting fresh flowers can be expensive sometimes, and they don't last that long either. So here’s a nifty little tutorial to create your very own crepe paper flowers that last forever! These make amazing gifts if you can make a whole bouquet of them, and you can even try making different kinds of flowers once you get the basics down !


Some materials you'll need : 

  1. Crepe paper ( I got mine from popular for about $2 )
  2. Double sided tape
  3. A Pencil
  4. Scissors
  5. Florist wire ( you can get these at art friend )


Drawing the petals

Different species of flowers look different from each other because of the shape of each individual petal and the arrangement of the petals.

Here, we are doing a simple rose like flower, which has a fat teardrop petal shape. Above are the templates that you can use to gauge the rough shape of the petal, and determine how many of each petal size you need to cut !


Now, cut away a section of your crepe paper, unravel it, and let’s get drawing!


Cutting and prepping the petals

Once you’ve finished drawing out the petals, cut them out. Using a small length of crepe paper, cut out a fringe like piece ( for the middle of the flower ) as seen in the picture !

After you've cut out your petals, you want to stretch the petal gently. Using the pad of both thumbs, gently stretch out the crepe paper from the center out. You should get a more cupped petal shape after you've done that !

Next, to make the petal more “ cup like ”, create a little triangular fold in the base of the petal, or like me, you can just squish the paper a tiny bit to create some depth.


Assembling the flower

First, take your florist wire and bend down the top as seen in the photos above. After sticking on some double sided tape, wrap the fringe like piece around it, and attach the end of the fringe piece with more tape.

Next, place a piece of tape on the base of the fringe, and stick on your first petal ( the smallest one ) , wrapping the petal around the base.

Place the sticky tape again, and this time when sticking the petal, make sure that the widest part of the petal touches the HALFWAY point of the previous petal you stuck down! This creates the overlapping rose effect. Repeat this for the rest of the petals, working from smallest to biggest, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous crepe paper flower !!!


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