Dots and Lines

Are you one of the those who would doodle or sketch on paper when you are holding a pencil? Well I am! The interest of drawing has always been there since I was a small boy ... I always get excited when I get to doodle!

I really love drawing and I was always learning by myself. I also must admit that the foundation classes of my college times (I was a Multimedia Design student) which involved figure drawing did help a lot in my understanding of illustration. When I went on to my major, which was completely unrelated to illustration, I still kept this as a hobby. During my free time, I would always ask my friends who majored in illustration for tips. Those were some good old days of learning.


Now, ask anybody if drawing is hard? It is. For those who can’t really draw, drawing is obviously hard. For those who can draw well, continuing to explore different styles to find one’s own style is also hard. But many people still draw, be it professionally or just a hobby, because it is fun!

If you love drawing but feel tentative about it, I would recommend you to try to think of drawing as actually the combination of dots, lines and composition.

“Dots”, “lines” -- now do they sound simpler? Just remember, ‘dots’ and ‘lines’ are your best friends



JT is our team's illustrator and modern calligrapher. You can check out his modern calligraphy workshop right here, or leave a comment below to share about your drawings!

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