If you have some left over felt from pervious DIY projects, this is another great way for you to use it all up! You can make your felt pouch in any shape or size you want, but i’d recommend staying away from making too big a pouch - they tend to flop a bit if its a bit bigger! 

Some materials you’ll need: 

  1. Some felt ( you can buy a packet of 4-5 at daiso for $2! ) 
  2. A pair of scissors
  3. Rough paper 
  4. Needle and Thread 
  5. A marker

Cutting out your pattern pieces

The first thing you want to do is to decide the shape and size of the pouch you want! I decided on making a semi- circle shaped pouch, and on the rough paper I drew out the preferred shape and size of my pouch and cut it out. Next, for the back piece, trace the front pattern piece you just cut out, and add a flap like extension at the top! Cut that out too, and now you're ready to transfer that to your felt. 

Lay your patten pieces on the felt, and using the marker, trace out your pattern pieces and cut them out. 

Assembling the pouch 

Lay the two pieces right sides together, with the side with marker marks facing you, and using a backstitch, sew along the edges of the pouch. 

Next, trim off any access on the flap as seen in the photos, to allow the flap to fall nicely on the front of the pouch. Now gently turn your pouch inside out, pushing out the edges GENTLY with your fingers.

At this point, you can choose to add a snap button to secure the flap down, or you can simply just add a little “belt’ to the front of the pouch for your flap to slip through! To do this, I cut a thin rectangle from the leftover felt I had, and stitched it down to the front of the pouch neatly. 

And you’re done !! Its a quick DIY that you can do at home just to sort out your stuffs in your bag. I tend to use small pouches like this to store hair ties or earpieces, and it is quite the handy organising trick to have!

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