Commonly asked #3

If I find out in advance I cannot attend a class I signed up for, what should I do?


The quickest answer would be to have a friend replace you!

Here's the longer answer:

OK so we don't actually have many actual cases -- maybe 1 out of 50? which is 2%, our clever accountant tells me -- but we understand how these things can happen. You might have booked your class in a hurry, or you bought a seat for someone's birthday only to find out she was going to be celebrating her birthday in (insert beach holiday destination) instead ...

It depends on how early you discover your clash in schedule. We encourage every would-be participant to read the Terms & Conditions before purchase -- this link is indicated on the page of registration. When you sign up for a workshop, you agree to commit to the purchase of the seat. As we run a tight ship on enthusiastic but unfortunately limited human powers, we are not able to move your booking to another date/workshop.

If you do know waaaayyyy ahead of time e.g. at least 3 weeks prior to the workshop, we can (and we do) offer to help re-list your seat to sell to a new participant. If you are unable to turn up eventually, and your spot cannot be replaced by someone else, you can drop us an email at to arrange for a time to pick up your materials.


If you have any question at all regarding the booking process on our site, or about any of the workshops, feel free to drop us a line!


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