Commonly asked #2

I only want to paint in your watercolour workshop. I don't want to draw anything. Is your workshop suitable for me?


Short answer is YES!

Long answer ...

Well! It depends on what the curriculum of the watercolour workshop/course is. On every registration page, we provide a comprehensive list of the skills you will be learning. If drawing is one of the skills, then yes, it will be expected of you to spend some time on that. Of course, even in such case, you can leave us a note under instructions (or email us!) to say you would only like to paint and do zero drawing. We can accommodate your request.

However, we strongly encourage participants to try out every part of the curriculum to get the fully-intended experience we plan for the class. Drawing or sketching is a very important pre-painting work. You will learn how to observe outlines, use simple lines to illustrate the key features of the object you will be painting, as well as learn hands-on about proportion, depth and composition. These are great skills to begin to learn, even if it is impossible to become a pro in a short time. 

Drawing is not as daunting when you have an instructor on site to guide you along. Feel free to ask questions or ask for help. Our watercolour workshops are planned for a small group of 4 - 5 most of the time, so each participant will get more 1-1 attention from the instructor whenever needed.


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