5 Reasons why you should try rubber stamp carving


I took up rubber stamp carving almost 4 years ago and it’s constantly evolving as an art and a hobby.

If you’re thinking about trying stamp carving but have been intimidated by the difficulty level, here are 5 reasons why you should give it a go!



The rubber stamp that you make can be used in a variety of projects, the more common ones are gift tags, scrapbooking, greeting cards and stickers. But, did you know you can also use a handmade rubber stamp on wax seals, leather/paper embossing and to print on fabric?




Handmade items are extra special! Also, nobody can deny that a rubber stamp makes a really great Christmas present.



Make your mark on everything! Name stamps, personalized tags, ribbons -- the possibilities are endless. There’s the satisfaction of knowing no one else has the exact stamp as you.

    4 // SKILLS

    Rubber stamp carving is great for concentration and developing patience. At first, you want to finish the stamp as soon as possible to see what it looks like stamped on paper, but you’ll learn to carve at a slower pace for a much better looking result. Stamp Carving is a practice-makes-perfect skill of gold!


      5 // FUN

      The sense of achievement you get when you ink a finished stamp and seeing it printed ... it's incredibly satisfying!


        And just to show how far I’ve come, I found the very first stamp I ever carved, along with some of my recent work. You too can do it!


        Photos by Kimberly Chen. 



        Hungry for more? Kimberly's class is open for registration here!

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