Modern Calligraphy Workshop for beginners
Modern Calligraphy Workshop for beginners

Modern Calligraphy Workshop for beginners

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Join us in our 5th year of weekly calligraphy classes.

Calligraphy, the art of beautiful writing, is now back with a modern take! Based on the classical copperplate, this modern calligraphy class has way fewer rules but still 100% of the fun. Beautiful and perfect for your bullet journalling and all your extra special occasions, you can look forward to practising your new-found skills on writing invitations, placecards, a thank-you note, or a quote by your favourite poet for framing up!

We are the only studio in Singapore that teaches calligraphy every weekend! (Except of course when instructors need their annual break!) And at our public classes from 2014 to date -- all sold out! -- we have welcomed countless students who wish to learn for different reasons -- to power up their own business or work (designers, artists, event planners, and of course... brides- and grooms-to-be!) as well as many, many more who just love to learn something new, and desire to get in on this trendy art.

So come join us to learn the basics in a power-packed 3h beginners' workshop! It is designed specially for busy people who want to learn the essentials in just half a day. You will be introduced to the tools, practise basic strokes and the alphabet. At the end of the session, work with black calligraphy ink to write your favourite quote as a keepsake. Each participant receives a carefully-curated beginners' kit for pointed pen calligraphy.

Left-handers are welcome as right-handers are. If you are a leftie, you could leave a note at check-out so we can give you a 'lil extra attention at the start with your pen-holding.


If this class is too easy for you, you might be keen on our Modern Calligraphy 2 workshop! Or, sign up for this other class if you are keen to learn writing with the brush!




Sat 6 Jan 2pm-5pm *@Kilat* with JT sold out
Sat 13 Jan 10am-1pm *@Kilat* with Ruth sold out 
Sat 13 Jan 2pm-5pm *@Kilat* with JT sold out
Sat 20 Jan 2pm-5pm *@Canal* with JT sold out
Sat 27 Jan 10am-1pm *@Kilat* with Ruth sold out
Sat 27 Jan 2pm-5pm *@Canal* with JT sold out



Sat 3 Feb 10am-1pm *@Kilat* with Ruth sold out
Sat 3 Feb 2pm-5pm *@Canal* with JT
Sat 10 Feb 10am-1pm *@Kilat* with JT 
Sat 24 Feb 10am-1pm *@Kilat* with Ruth sold out
Sat 24 Feb 10am-1pm *@Canal* with JT


MARCH 2018

Sat 3 Mar 10am-1pm *@Kilat* with Ruth sold out
Sat 10 Mar 10am-1pm *@Canal* with Ruth sold out
Sat 10 Mar 10am-1pm *@Kilat* with JT
Sat 17 Mar 10am-1pm *@Canal* with JT sold out
Sat 24 Mar 10am-1pm *@Kilat* with Ruth sold out
Sat 24 Mar 10am-1pm *@Canal* with JT
Sat 31 Mar 10am-1pm *@Kilat* with Ruth
Sat 31 Mar 10am-1pm *@Canal* with JT


APRIL 2018

Sat 7 Apr 10am-1pm *@Canal* with Ruth
Sat 14 Apr 10am-1pm *@Kilat* with Ruth
Sat 14 Apr 10am-1pm *@Canal* with JT
Sat 14 Apr 2pm-5pm *@Canal* with JT
Sat 21 Apr 10am-1pm *@Canal* with JT
Sat 21 Apr 2pm-5pm *@Canal* with JT
Sat 28 Apr 10am-1pm *@Kilat* with JT
Sat 28 Apr 2pm-5pm *@Kilat* with JT




This ninja hide-out is accessible to students only by a single flight of stairs from #01-05 chinese sinseh down to the basement.

The Workroom, 19 Lorong Kilat, #01-05 Basement Studio, Singapore 598120 
Map linkFrom Beauty World Station
Fee: $136, including one beginner's calligraphy kit. 


This new and bigger walk-up studio in an old commercial building is accessible to students only by the stairs up to the 5th level.

The Workroom, 39D North Canal Road, Level 5, Singapore 059295
Map linkFrom Clarke Quay Station
Fee: $136, including one beginner's calligraphy kit. 



Student's materials

Each student receives a beginner's calligraphy kit that includes: 

  • Flex Nibs x 2 (Nikko G and 1 other nib, brand depends on stock availability)
  • Straight Holder x 1
  • Black calligraphy Ink x 1 glass pot
  • Alphabet Template of both majuscules and minuscules
  • Guidesheets & papers
  • Bonus Practice Template
  • List of shops to get supplies
  • Clear Folder


Lesson Content

  • Introduction to modern calligraphy
  • Warming up
  • Learning the alphabet (lowercase only)
  • Putting it together 
  • Understanding space and composition
  • Writing a favourite quote



Your mobile number is required for text messaging only. Email and/or text message (SMS or WhatsApp) is sent to all participants before the commencement of this workshop.


For sake of clarity, we emphasise that in the case of the participant's no-show, late attendance or early leave, there will be no refund, replacement or exchanges made.

Please email info[at] for private bookings. Thank you!

Modern Calligraphy Workshop for beginners
Modern Calligraphy Workshop for beginners
Modern Calligraphy Workshop for beginners
Modern Calligraphy Workshop for beginners
Modern Calligraphy Workshop for beginners