Michael Sull in Singapore: Calligraphy Workshops 2018
Michael Sull in Singapore: Calligraphy Workshops 2018

Michael Sull in Singapore: Calligraphy Workshops 2018

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Master penman Michael Sull is teaching in Singapore for the very first time!

Most famously known for his Spencerian script, Michael Sull is an IAMPETH master penman and author living in Mission, Kansas, United States. He was Ronald Reagan's calligrapher after his Presidency and is known worldwide for his skill and teaching ability. He regularly teaches handwriting and calligraphy throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Considered America’s foremost living Spencerian penman, he is author of Spencerian Script and Ornamental Penmanship, Learning to Write Spencerian Script, and American Cursive Handwriting, and publishes various other educational materials focusing on pen writing. He also manufactures period style oblique dip pen equipment for use by penmen today.




10am - 5pm daily, lunch is not included.

Sat 28 Apr : Beginning Spencerian last 3 seats

Sun 29 Apr : Advanced Spencerian - Day 1 Sold out 

Mon 30 Apr : Advanced Spencerian - Day 2 Sold out 
-- students who purchased Day 1 only have the option to top-up for Day 2; please email us at info@theworkroom.sg

Tue 1 May (Public Holiday) : Off-hand Flourishing last 5 seats


Sign up for all 4 days at a special discounted rate of $850.00 Sold out


MORE FOR LESS - Use code MINPAX2 to drop $30 OFF your booking when you sign up for minimum 2 seats at Michael Sull's workshops for yourself or with a friend. Discount code valid now through Sat 31 Mar, or while seats are available.




The Workroom, 39D North Canal Road, #05-00 Walk-up Studio, Singapore 059295

Map : http://tinyurl.com/walktostudioatcanal (5min walk from Clarke Quay MRT)





Fees include:

  • 2 x pointed nibs
  • Writing paper
  • Guidesheets
  • Handouts
  • Complimentary coffee, tea and drinks and light bites

What to bring:

  • Favourite oblique pen holder
  • Favourite ink and inkpot
  • Other favourite nibs
  • Mechanical pencil


If you should require to purchase from us any holders or other materials, please include in the Notes at check-out so we may assist you.





Beginning Spencerian

An excellent workshop for people who wish to be introduced to Spencerian Script, and also for those who have already been introduced to Spencerian but desire a refresher program in all the basics of this beautiful Penmanship style. Subjects covered will be: complete understanding of the Oblique Penholder, preferred inks, penpoints and Paper; the fundamental principles of Spencerian writing, including the foundations of Movement, Curvature, Variety, and Contrast; and Standard and Alternate forms of the lowercase and capital letters. No prior experience or skillis required.

Length of workshop: 1 day


Advanced Spencerian (also called Ornamental Penmanship)

Going beyond the basics of Spencerian Script, this workshop takes the students into the realm of elaborate capitals, refined techniques for extending curves and ovals, pen manipulation, and an introduction to Off-Hand Flourishing including line-endings and basic flourishing patterns for accenting basic Spencerian. Through these techniques, students will learn not only how to refine their penmanship skills, but by lecture and demonstration they will become familiar with the simple methods to turn their Spencerian writing into true Ornamental Penmanship with superb beauty and elegant gracefulness. Subjects include: extending curves and ovals; pen manipulation; multi-oval capitals; Twisters- the legendary capitals; theory of Off-Hand Flourishing, introduction to traditional patterns; line ending flourishes; Composition Writing; and using colored and iridescent inks to advantage. Students should have at least a Beginner’s experience or have had an introduction to pointed pen writing to take this class. If a student enrolls in the Beginning Spencerian class, this class would be an excellent follow-up class to take.

Length of workshop: 2 days (recommended) 


Off-Hand Flourishing 

This is a valuable workshop in non-Lettering Penmanship that shares all the techniques of creating the flourished line-and-shade designs that are unmatched for their gracefulness and incredible beauty. Specimens of Off-Hand Flourishing from America’s Golden Age of Penmanship (1850-1925) are legendary, and through this workshop, students will learn how easy it is to create this unique style of Penmanship. In truth, it is much easier to produce such flourished designs than the appearance would suggest. Subjects will include: pen manipulation techniques, negative and positive space considerations; basic/traditional patterns, creating extended hairline and shaded strokes, paper-turning methods, extending letterforms into flourishes, use of color/iridescent inks, creative designing; and techniques for accent flourishes.

No prior knowledge or experience is needed.

Length of workshop: 1 day


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Mobile number is required for SMS alert. Email and/or SMS is sent to all participants about 1 week before the commencement of this course.


For sake of clarity, we emphasise that in the case of the participant's no-show, late attendance or early leave, no refund, replacement or exchanges will be made. You may transfer the seat to another person if you are unable to attend, but will need to inform us of the change before class commences.

Please email info[at]theworkroom.sg for private bookings. Thank you!

Michael Sull in Singapore: Calligraphy Workshops 2018
Michael Sull in Singapore: Calligraphy Workshops 2018
Michael Sull in Singapore: Calligraphy Workshops 2018