Hand Lettering Competition For Students : 2017


Terms and Conditions 

By entering the competition, you acknowledge, agree to abide by and accept the following:


You must be aged 13 - 19 years old this year.

You must only submit your original work that has not been published on any platform before whether digital or IRL.

Your work must be made on an A5 sized paper.

Your hand lettering according to our theme 'BOOM' must be the focus of your submission.

Your hand lettering must be a minimum of one word, or up to a maximum of 10 words only. 

You must include your full name, age, school, your email address and contact number on the back of your art work.

All enquiries must be directed to info@theworkroom.sg. 

Multiple entries are allowed per student but only your best work can be shortlisted.

Entries that include explicit profanity, obscenity or undesirable suggestive elements will be immediately disqualified and disposed of.

All individual competition entries must be submitted in the original in hardcopy by mail to our studio:

'The Workroom' 19 Lorong Kilat #01-05 Basement Studio, Singapore 598120
Person In-Charge: Ruth Tan


We are not responsible for lost mail or mail that do not reach us by the deadline.

Schools may choose to collect students' entries -- in original hardcopies -- to submit to us by hand; please email info@theworkroom.sg to arrange your drop-off.

The Workroom retains the rights to hold, photograph and use your work with credit on our platforms, including but not exclusive to our domain http://theworkroom.sg, Facebook page and Instagram account.

Your work will not be returned to you unless at the point of submission, you include a self-addressed C5 sized envelope with sufficient postage stamp(s) on it. 

Schools that wish to collect students' entries at the end of the competition must include an appropriately-sized, self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage stamp(s) on it.

Results will be announced on 15 Sep 2017 on our domain http://theworkroom.sg, Facebook page and Instagram account.

All decisions are final and not subject to discussion or reconsideration.



Selection Criteria

Top 10 students will be selected as winner of this competition, based on the following criteria:

Letterform 60%
Layout 20%
Wow factor 20%


All submissions must reach us no later than 30 Aug 2017, 5:00PM.




You will be contacted by email between 15-18 Sep 2017 to submit a copy of your IC for verification.

You will receive a Certificate of Excellence and some of our all-time favourite brush markers.

You will be given an opportunity to create a lettering art together with other winners to be featured at the 2nd instalment of 'Calligraphy Travels', an exhibition hosted by library@orchard in Singapore. You will be required to be physically present for the discussions and art-making sessions.

You will be invited to demonstrate your skills in a lettering jamming session for students at our studio. This can be done via Skype if you are located overseas during the session.



Get cracking, be creative and break a leg !!