Watercolour Workshop - Florals
Watercolour Workshop - Florals
Watercolour Workshop - Florals
Watercolour Workshop - Florals
Watercolour Workshop - Florals
Watercolour Workshop - Florals


Watercolour Workshop - Florals

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Looking for a little floral romance?

This turbo-charged fun class is suitable for everyone, from brides-to-be to self-proclaimed "unartistic persons" looking to pick up a simple but satisfying hobby! We are minded to impart to you serious petal-kungfu skills to creating some really beautiful florals that you can replicate on your handmade cards, bu-jo's, handbound sketch-books... anywhere papery! 

You will learn from us in a super systematic, easy-to-understand lesson in recreating trendy floral designs. At the end of the session, copy a template that's provided or create your original artwork to frame up at home!



Learning to write with watercolour in calligraphy style is covered in this other class instead.



You can purchase a coupon code here, or email info[at]theworkroom.sg to place a custom order of a specific dollar value. Great to gift a friend you wish to delight with a surprise class, but are unsure of her available date. 


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Our studio is now relocated on the 2nd level just down the street from our old ninja hideout. 

The Workroom, 25 Lorong Kilat, #02-04 Walk-up Studio, Singapore 598126
Map linkFrom Beauty World Station, Exit B | 5min walk



Take home

  • Watercolour paints
  • Large fold-out mixing palette
  • Class notes & exercises
  • Floral templates
  • Resource list
  • Clear Folder



  • How to make the paint and brush work best for you
  • Basic drawing tips
  • Essential painting techniques
  • How to paint trendy flowers, leaves and other bobs of things
  • How to recreate a seemingly complex composition




For sake of clarity, we emphasise that in the case of the participant's no-show, late attendance or early leave, no refund, replacement or exchanges will be made. The participant also cannot be assigned to a different date or time for any workshop, unless he/she suits the terms and conditions laid out in Request for Change in Workshop Booking. The participant may arrange for a replacement to take the seat only if The Workroom receives the name, contact number and email of the replacement at least 24 Hours in advance.

Please email info[at]theworkroom.sg for private bookings. Thank you!