Finetec Pearl Colours

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These colours are magical.

Our students get to use our favourite Finetec gold pearlcolours in class. Now by popular demand... we are now making available Finetec Pearlcolours here!

Finetec GmBH in Germany handmakes these iridescent lovelies; each Pearlcolour we ship in directly from the makers measures 30mm in diameter and come in white pots. You can use them as is, or house the pots in the metal or plastic containers sold here. 

To activate, use a wet brush to muddy the surface of the Pearlcolor to achieve the consistency of a lip stain -- it should be slightly viscous and not too watery. Apply it to the back (or front) of your calligraphy nib and go! You can also give a go at mixing one colour with another to achieve a new shade!

Gold set includes: Tibet Gold, Inca Gold, Arabic Gold, Gold Pearl, Moon Gold, Sterling Silver.



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