Leonardt DP40 - set of 3 nibs
Leonardt DP40 - set of 3 nibs


Leonardt DP40 - set of 3 nibs

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The Leonardt DP40 is a pointed nib produced by Manuscript UK. It is largely thought of as a decorative nib with its fanciful electric blue hue. This is a pointed nib.

It is sometimes confused with Brause 361 'Blue Pumpkin', and is often thought of as a little more flexible.

You can use it directly with sumi ink, or prepare the nib before first use by washing with toothpaste or removing the wax using the flame of a lighter. The blue coating fades with use, don't be alarmed!

Price is for a set of 3 nibs.



  • Pointed nib
  • A rather ornate design with flexible tines
  • Made in UK