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  LET'S GET STAMPING  ( PART I ) : GET STAMPING !  It seems like everyone has the SAME THINGS nowadays, so why not customise your own things? It may seem daunting, especially if you identify yourself as having no “artistic genes”. BUT NO, customising is all about making something uniquely yours.   My all time favourite way of customising my own things are through stamps and embroidery (part III of this series of posts, stay tuned). Stamps are great for so many things, you can get them from  any scrapbooking or craft store, and even carve them on your own!  Here are my 3 favourite ways to use stamps ...   Some materials you’ll need:   Plain notebooks  A plain tote bag or...

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Stamp Carving Tools

You’ve started stamp carving and you’re addicted, now what? You need lots of practice of course, but what about your tools? They say ‘It’s not the tools, it’s the artist that matters’ but once you’ve developed your technique, the right tools will help you improve your craft and save time. The most important knife in your toolkit would be ...

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